• We are a company specialized in custom database applications and software development

    We are a company specialized in custom database applications and software development

    We will collaborate with you to design and build a solution that’s tailored to fit your unique requirements like a fine suit.

  • We unify technology with business.

    We unify technology with business.

    Our goals are simple: to make technology productive and to provide exceptional customer service, every time. This is what differentiates us from the competition. This is what we do best.

  • Technology is our business. Business is your Business.

    Technology is our business. Business is your Business.

    It’s in our DNA. We care about being the best in our field, we care about the solutions we deliver, and more importantly we care about our customers and enjoy helping them solve their problems.

Think out of the box!

We don’t just ‘do’ web systems, or desktop systems, or mobile systems for that matter, we build your tailor-made solution for your unique needs.

We provide real-world software solutions that are fully functional, scalable and tailored to meet the challenging needs of your business.

Our highly customizable and scalable approach addresses a broad range of needs, allowing you to focus on growing your organization.

We manage complex knowledge, capture business logic, streamline processes, and visualize your unique information and assets.

Our specialties are in software solution development, database design and business analysis.

Our skills and knowledge have allowed us to build powerful and effective software solutions in a shorter amount of time than most of our clients expect. Additionally, our development costs are often far below the average customer’s initial projections.

We are able to do this because of our commitment to efficiency, which we have been able to perfect due to years of experience using FileMaker and understanding all of its functionality.

Beautifully designed user interfaces combined with technical excellence allow us to provide our clients with undeniably brilliant services.

Our clients can expect improved connectivity and productivity once we start working with them, as well as customization to allow them to adjust the solution explicitly for their enterprise needs.

With over 15 years experience in producing high-end solutions, we can provide systems that maximize efficiency for all aspects of your business.


Our founding members come from different business backgrounds. Our strength as a company – and what actually differentiates us from the competition- lies in the fact that they all bring to the table many years of experience and expertise from various sectors. We all share a common vision: we want to deliver software solutions for business people. 

We’re a talented team that truly enjoys working together. We bring enthusiasm to our clients, with the hope of not just building great software, but helping build great workplaces as well.

We are dedicated to identifying and solving business problems. We offer a wide range of consulting, integration, and development services, specializing in database development.


Customized Around You

Every business is unique thus it needs a database system to support your unique processes. However, organizations oftentimes use off-the-shelf software that forces you into adjusting your workflow to fit the program’s one-size-fits-all system design. Other times, businesses use a mix of spreadsheets, email, paper files, and accounting software that eventually leads to a lack of transparency and redundancies that becomes difficult to manage as an organization grows.

What we do differently is we design and create your system around you.

You will emerge with a faster, more efficient, scalable database that runs smoothly and provides a platform for future business process improvement. Your database solution will become a value-adding asset that is an integral part of your organization. And since everyone needs change, as your organization changes, grows, evolves, we will be there with you to help you design and implement your strategic value-adding processes through custom software.

Our team understands that each business has software needs unique to their identity.  Determining the right software solution requires understanding of your specific business goals and processes – a solution that makes your business rise above the crowd.

We listen to your needs.

We work closely with you in order to understand what are your project’s objectives and goals and determine its requirements. 

We analyze your needs and consult you according to our expertise. 

Our team of experts evaluate your needs and provide counsel in order to arrive to the optimum solution for you and your company.

We design and develop the application.

One of our developers begins building your application. Throughout this phase your collaboration and feedback is essential in order to get the best results.

We deliver the software and train you.

We install, configure and test the application. We also provide data migration and conversion from other systems to your new one. We train the end users to the new system.

We provide customer support and software update.


While working with SlashBack, it is inevitable that some information considered classified by a client will be viewed by SlashBack. This is unavoidable unfortunately as the data cannot be separated from the customized programming which SlashBack develops for the client. Any client information is considered classified and is not available or will not be discussed with any parties other than the respective client.


FileMaker is a powerful tool for creating database driven business solutions that can be deployed across a wide variety of platforms that work seamlessly across Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone and the web.

It is remarkable in its flexibility and power. 

As an Apple subsidiary, the FileMaker platform is held to the same rigorous standards as the Apple portfolio. Creating custom business solutions that are professionally designed and visually appealing is one of FileMaker’s strengths. When a database looks great, it’s more compelling to use. Your team will easily manage and share data, making them more productive than ever.


Let’s Build Something Amazing!

Your business is unique. At SlashBack we understand that. When we work with you to develop a solution our goal is to learn what makes your business special, how you work internally, what systems you have, what problem(s) you are trying to solve. Most importantly we want to offer recommendations to help you grow, to workers efficiently as possible, whether that is integrating systems or shortening processes. Our FileMaker Developers experience spans many industries, we have built many applications for all size businesses. Our goal is simple, to build you a solid solution that is flexible and to learn you business in such a way that you know we are always looking out for your best interest in all we do for you


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